• Electronic Application. Application is submitted electronically at the program’s website. Must be printed and submitted along with the rest of the documents to the Program’s Secretariat.
  • Curriculum Vitae. Must include abstract of candidate’s Graduation Thesis (if applicable).
  • Short report which will indicate candidate’s academic and scientific interests and an assumption for the reasons motivating candidate to follow post graduate studies.
  • Copy of Bachelor's Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree Accreditation Documents (if requested)
  • Certificates of accredited post graduate studies.
  • Certified Bachelor's Degree of M.Sc. Diploma transcripts.
  • Two (2) recommendation letters. Candidates must include to the electronic application form contact details of at least two Professors, who will be contacted by the program's secretariat in order recommendation letters to be requested.
  • Publications and Awards (If applicable)
  • Proof of professional experience in a relative field (if applicable)
  • Copy of passport of ID card.

All documents must be original or certified copies by the pertinent authorities. Documents must be submitted in a folder and carry respective number.

Electronic application must be submitted in printed form/hard copy to the Secretariat and must be signed by the applicant along with all other documents. Applications may also be submitted via postal office priory to the deadline.