In order to evaluate the respective applications, the Evaluation Committee follows the next three (3) stages of Evaluation Process:

  1. Stage A: The first stage regards the evaluation of the typical qualifications of the candidates who submitted the applications prior to the deadline.
  2. Stage B: Candidates which have been successfully evaluated at Stage A are participating at Stage B, leading to process of interview. The interviews exact date will be announced by the MSc Program's Secretariat.
  3. Stage C: The Evaluation Committee publishes the evaluation grades of the succeeded candidates in a detailed catalog.

The selection of the applicants is performed taking into account all the criteria mentioned in paragraph 1a and b and the article of law 3685/2008. Those criteria are grouped into five factors. Every factor is estimated in scale from 0 to 10 and each estimation is scaled properly with weighting factors. More particularly:

  • Bachelor’s Grade (weighting factor 20%).
  • Grades at courses of the undergraduate program of candidates studies, which are relevant to the MSc Program (weighting factor 10%).
  • Any research publications, additional diplomas or post-graduate titles of studies (weighting factor 20%).
  • Personal interview (weighting factor 30%).
  • Professional experience (weighting factor 20%).

The general score of each candidate is calculated as the sum of each criteria product with its weighting factor. The Evaluation Committee, after examining each candidate's folder, may require additional documents or credentials.