Academic year 2014-2015 

Semester D' of Fisrt cycle of studies



Indistinguishability Obfuscation of Iterated Circuits

Nicolas Sklavos

Software-Defined Networking

V.Triantfyllou & M.Paraskevas

Noise suppression in speech signals based on perceptually motivated smoothing filter

M.Paraskevas & Th.Zarouchas

The evolution of audio coding standards. From MPEG-1 to MPEG-H Audio.

M.Paraskevas & Th.Zarouchas

Sentiment analysis for the Greek language

M.Paraskevas & I.Mporas

Hardware Trojan Horses Detection Techniques


Control of Urban Buses via Telematic System


Usability Evaluation of Product Design Using Eye Tracking Services and User Experience Guidelines


Applying FCA (Formal Concept Analysis)in telecommunications service domain ontology engineering


Performance and Power evaluation of an Android based smartphone device

Ν.Voros & G.Keramidas

Design and development of a message passing communication framework for heterogeneous Wireless sensor networks

Ν.Voros & Ch.Antonoppoulos

Measurement Infrastructures and Power Analysis of an Android based smartphone

Ν. Voros & G. Keramidas