Prof Nikolaos Voros, Prof Michael Hübner, Prof Diana Göhringer,
Dr  Georgios Keramidas, Dr Christos Antonopoulos

Course Description:

Review of Embedded System Design: System-on-Chip (SoC) and System-of-Systems (SoSs). Embedded System Architecture: Modern embedded systems architecture overview. CISC/RISC processors overview. Case studies of small RISC processors (ARM, MIPS, ARC, Intel 8051). Building blocks of embedded systems: Caches, memory and network-on-chip (NoC) architectures. Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), Embedded Graphic Cards, Microcontrollers. Memory system design: Memory systems and types (flash, CAMs etc.). Embedded development methodologies and tools: Embedded system modeling. Real-time constraints and constraint-driven design (time, size, cost trade-offs). Software techniques, compilers and operating systems: Software and firmware for embedded systems. Software/compiler optimization techniques to decrease execution and/or power consumption of embedded software. Embedded system programming. Parallel processing in (multicore) embedded systems. Reconfigurable systems.

Course Code 43