Introduction to Mobile Application Development (Introduction to mobile application development platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Comparison of web-based applications to native applications, Internet protocols for mobile applications) Mobile Applications Development tools (Eclipse Android SDK, XDeveloper and iOS SDK, Visual Studio and WP8) Graphical User Interface design (Mobile GUI Design Principles, Android UI design, iOS UI Design, HTML5 UI design), Platform Applications and Security (E-mail, Web browsers, Personal Info Management, Local Security Mechanism, Encryption). Data Management (DataBases, User Profiles, Local Storage Management). Location Based Services (LBS) (Geolocation, Map Services, Overlays). Device Sensors (Camera, Orientation Sensors, External Device Interaction). Voice & Multimedia Applications And Services (Telephony API: SMS, VoIP, SIP. Media API: Sound reproduction, Video reproduction. Multimedia streaming. Server Side technologies integration(Java EE and Mobile Applications: Mobicents. Web Services Integration, REST). Mobile Application Prototyping (Marketing and business aspects of mobile application development, iDevices Ecosystem, Google Play and other Android Markets, Strategic goals for mobile application products, Mobile application demographics and platform delivery, Advertising strategies, Publishing opportunities).

Course Code 42