This course introduces students into the basic principles and advanced ideas of modern Wireless Communications. Wireless Communication solid theoretical knowledge is considered to be extremely important on an era of continuously evolving wireless broadband connectivity. Course outline includes a short introduction to Wireless Channel Overview ideas, including the Physical Models of Wireless Channel for free space fixed-moving antenna, reflections, Input-Output channel models considering time-varying system and baseband model representation. Signal Detection in the presence of Fading Channel will also be discussed including  basic Detection theory in a fading channel. Several solutions will be covered including Signal Detection with Time Diversity, Antenna Diversity, Frequency Diversity and general Diversity Principles for Statistical Channel Performance. Channel Capacity will also be covered for AWGN channels, Slow Fading channel and Fast Fading channels. Finally Spatial Multiplexing (MIMO) Channel Modeling will be presented into details to provide students with a solid background on a widespread technique in several modern wireless networks.

Course Code 31