Lecturers’ Names:
Prof Nikolaos Voros, Prof Michael Hübner, Prof Diana Göhringer, Prof  Athanasios Kakarountas, Dr. George Keramidas

Course Description:

Domain based Methodological Needs: Telecommunications, Automotive, Bioinformatics, Signal- and Image Processing, Cyberphysical systems. Introduction to Design Methodologies: Hardware/Software Engineering Processes, Requirements Analysis, Iterative and Incremental Development, Object Oriented System Modelling.  Introduction to Formal Methods. Program Design: Matlab/Scilab based design, SystemC based design, ImpulseC based design, VHDL based design, High Level Synthesis Tools/C-to-HDL tools.  Quality assurance: hints and tips. Design Patterns for embedded systems.  Architecture Based Design: Single core architectures, Multicore architectures, Reconfigurable architectures, Architectural Templates, Architecture Description Languages, Networks-on-Chip. Hardware/Software Partitioning Tools and Methodologies: Scheduling and Allocation, Partitioning algorithms, Functional evaluation of design alternatives. Evaluation Frameworks: How to test programs to verify their correctness: traditional vs formal methods, Test Driven Development, Testing Frameworks.


Course Webpage https://openeclass.teimes.gr/courses/CIED205/

Course Code 14